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    Keeping Your Family Safe

    Is your chimney a fire hazard?

    You probably don’t know the answer because everything that would cause a fire is on the inside, hidden from sight. Many people never think about chimney maintenance until an animal gets in, smoke is sucked into the house or, worst of all, a comforting fire on the hearth ignites a damaging fire in the walls.

    Your Local Professional Chimney Sweeps

    At Max's Chimney Cleaning, we take your safety and the condition of your chimney seriously. Some companies offer amateur chimney cleaning as an add-on or in their off-season, but we don’t think prevention of home fires should be an afterthought. Your chimney is our main concern.

    Your home may have, animal nests or highly flammable creosote lining the chimney. Why take a chance on a devastating fire when a reliable chimney sweep is affordable?

    Our mission   “Keep our customers safe, and put a smile on their face“.